Top Gadgets For Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers often have to work long hours and some have to spend extended periods away from their friends and family. They also have to navigate potentially hazardous roads and handle heavy loads. Thankfully, the leading technology experts have designed a number of gadgets with the purpose of enhancing the lives of lorry drivers. This article contains details of the most helpful electronic items.

Bluetooth Headset

It is very important for lorry drivers to maintain communication during the delivery of valuable loads. They may need to obtain essential details from their managers or fellow workers, but they’ll also understand the dangers of using a mobile phone while behind the wheel. The Bluetooth headset is a safe and relatively inexpensive alternative, designed for ultimate reliability.

Electronic Inverter

Modern day lorry drivers may opt to take mobile phones, laptops and tablet devices on their travels. They may use the devices to make calls back home or watch the latest films. It might be possible to recharge these electronic items when staying at roadside hotels, however, drivers who want to stay in their cabins are advised to purchase electronic inverters.

Dual Band Wireless

Drivers may have to travel to places with very poor mobile phone reception. This may be a real problem if they have to make contact with company managers or family members. However it is possible to greatly improve the chances of connectivity by fitting the phone with a mobile wireless booster. This kind of device will significantly increase the mobile phone signal, so there is a decreased likelihood of disconnected calls and data transmission problems.

Compact Cooler

The truck driver is bound to feel thirsty after delivering particularly heavy loads in the hot mid-day sun. However, those who’ve had the foresight to invest in compact coolers will be able to enjoy cool and refreshing drinks. They may even be tempted to use these electrical items for the storage of beer to enjoy a few drinks with fellow delivery drivers at the end of particularly tiring days – but certainly not during a shift!

Sat Nav

Many of the specialist haulage companies provide their workers with updated sat-navs to ensure the successful delivery of valuable loads. However, drivers who opt for self-employment are encouraged to include these devices among the list of necessary business expenses. It may even be worth investing in one of the navigational computers specifically designed for truckers.

LED Television

Haulage workers who are required to spend extended periods away from home are encouraged to purchase a variety of entertainment devices. They may even consider the purchase of a high quality portable LED television – allowing them to watch all the dedicated trucking programmes and films!

Enjoy Advanced Technology With Nokia N97

In our day to day to lives, a mobile phone has become a necessity for us. This is the only way that keep us connected with our contacts in the fastest possible means. The Nokia is not at all an unfamiliar name in mobile market. From years it has been launching excellent quality phone in the market. And one of its achievements is the N-series handsets. The success of previous N-series handsets has incited this company to launch another N-series phone and this time is the Nokia N97. This communication gadget is power packed with all new advanced features.

The phone has a large screen with QWERTY keyboard to make users comfortable to it as a computer. This handset has slider design with shiny and smooth look. This phone is very trendy with high-end features. It works on second and third generation network for uninterrupted global communication with the support of GPRS. It weighs 150 grams with dimensions of 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9-18.3 mm which makes it quite handy and compact to carry.

Its 3.5 inches TFT display has been facilitated with touch screen, where you can view image and other text at the resolution of 360 x 640 pixels. With polyphonic and MP3 ringtones one can set ringtones along with specific contacts. The Nokia N97 is provided with vibrator option to avoid any noise by ringtones in silent surrounding. Its built-in stereo speakers deliver excellent quality sound.

The available internal memory is 32 GB to store large quantity of files and contacts. This amazing widget also allows Internet connectivity with the support of HSCSD, EDGE and WAP browser for fast Internet accessibility and downloading file at fastest possible speed. With Wi-Fi technology one can enjoy wireless Internet connectivity. There are other modes of sharing files with other compatible gadgets like Bluetooth and USB.

With preloaded games, you can enjoy your leisure time and if you are a game loving person then you can also download few games from different gaming Websites. Its 5 mega pixels camera is embedded with Carl Zeiss optics and auto-focus features to capture images at high quality. With the help of this camera one can also shoot videos and can watch them on large TV screen with in-built TV-out feature.

There are many music features in Nokia N97 like music player that play your favourite music at all possible formats. With video player one can enjoy by watching their captured video files or downloaded video files. The built-in hands-free allows the user to make communication with ease with the help of hands-free Bluetooth headset.

There are several Websites available in the market where you can find exhaustive range of mobile phones. There are many online mobile phone retailers who provide lucrative deals to customers. In order to avail those beneficial offers with Nokia N97, you need to compare the prices and deals.

Blackberry Playbook Deals – Confirming Best Technology With Attractive Deals

Blackberry playbook is a tablet PC supported with a 1 GHz dual-core processor and will run on the new QNX operating system which is first of its kind. Various Blackberry Playbook Deals are now available on all the online mobile shops in the UK market. These deals include Blackberry Playbook contract deals, pay as you go, pay monthly deals and Sim free deals. All the top Mobile operators from UK such as 3-mobile, T-mobile, O2, Orange, Vodafone and Virgin network services provide these deals added with various affluent free gifts and freebies.

BlackBerry has not yet announced PlayBook official but rumours are making the rounds that it will land in the market in the month of May, 2011.The manufacturer has enriched the gadget with lots of highly rich technologies and applications. It is anticipated that like the other Blackberry mobile phones, the latest Blackberry Playbook will also be able to win the trust and hearts of the gizmo lovers with its large 7 inch LCD display unit that has a picture resolution of 1024x600pixels. Users will enjoy watching HD videos and recordings in it.

Users will love to click pictures as the gadget is equipped with a dual camera- 5 MP rear camera and a secondary camera of 3 MP. It is expected that among all the deals, Blackberry playbook contract deals are the most benefiting and attractive deal as users can gain numerous benefits of free texts, free minutes and instant cash back offers with it. With all these free gifts and freebies these deals attract a large chunk of mobile phone users. Blackberry Playbook also has an impressive internal memory of 1 GB RAM.

People looking for a stable and enduring mobile phone network connection can buy this handset with a Blackberry playbook contract deals. Users can also avail many expensive gifts like laptop, LCD TVs, branded gaming consoles and many more.

What Attracts Internet Users to Read Technology and Gadgets Blog

Blog is similar to a website, generally owned by a single person. Be it technology news, general news, recent updates, general discussion, image uploads, thought sharing; anything can take its place within a blog. The person, responsible for updating the blog with latest posts is called a blogger. Well, Technology blog is no different from others. Interestingly, technology and Gadgets blogs are the two most popularly read blogs. There are certain reasons as to why internet users prefer reading technology blogs every single day.

Tech bloggers are quite ardent with the recent updates:

Tech bloggers give least importance for money. What they look for is only the technology stuff and the latest releases from the same. Things like latest software, hardware vendors, latest invention, and issues in gadgets, technology discovery, technical difficulties and so on attract them the most. Blogs may sometimes act as a discussion forum, where tech bloggers can start sharing their new innovation, thereby gaining trust from other blog readers, building a community and what not.

Free Advice:

Novice Internet users having middle level computing skill read these blogs to gain advice from expert tech bloggers. They are people who are ardent about enriching their computer knowledge. They tend to learn something new everyday. Amusingly, technology and gadgets blog paves way for things to be learnt quite easily, because the blog owners update technical information that is quite understandable.

Novice computer users love to evade harmful mistakes:

It can give us a big headache if something goes wrong with our PC. Being a newbie to computer usage, we tend to learn what’s new. That’s why, people read technology blogs because of the abundant information available out there, including, PC security, virus alert and so on.

Be thankful for the invention of Internet. Now, you can learn anything you wish online.

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Technology and Gadget Evolution

It wasn’t too long ago, when tiny camera’s, night vision, voice recognition technology and many more technological advances were not available to the general public. They were more suited to corporate organisations and the military who could afford it. But now, in the so called Technological age, that’s all changed. Now freely available in consumer electronics. But for a very cheap price too considering the technology.

Remember when CGI technology blew peoples minds when it was first seen. Now you probably wont see many movies without it. And remember when gadgets were exclusively for make belief secret agents such as 007 or Inspector Gadget. Now we see an entire market for gadgets for the public, from Mobile Phones to laser pens. It just shows how technology is moving along faster than an F1 race car. Why is this? It’s simple, there’s so much demand for gadgets, technology and anything that has a red LED that blinks. Companies have whole departments set on making something smaller and better at the cheapest price.

It wont be long until we find futuristic gadgets we see in movies today appearing in your local supermarket for shirt buttons. In fact even now innovation is happening, with the first motion sensing technology being used in video games consoles without the need for a controller.

Gadgets and Technology are certainly in the limelight, even this article was written using it. Voice and Camera spy gadgets although they are used more for aids in stuff like courses, meeting or lectures and less for the “spy” element they are widely available for extremely cheap prices. I guess technology will continue to grow rapidly until we get nanotechnology freely available and so on.

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Electronics Gadgets Marketing Tips: Fifteen+ Wee Gadgets Which Will Make Your Shop a Triumph on the Internet

What makes men different to other creation is their power to use tools and contraptions to simplify a wide variety of tasks. The number and types of electronic gadgets that may be made can only be limited by the imagination. This is the reason why such gizmos are a few of the most saleable items you can add to your store, whether it is offline or online, as folks are constantly looking for something new to add to their collection. These devices are often small in sizes as folks who purchase these things often look for portability and in a number of cases the ability for concealment. Depending on the complexity of the electronics and the materials used to build the gizmo the prices of these electronic gadgets can go from as low as ten US or perhaps lower or it can go to couple of one hundred dollars. Unlike complicated devices such as cellular telephone, most of these widgets use faster electronic circuitries that are more easy to maintain and repair. As a web retailer, you will find selling these electronic gadgets a lucrative venture. Their lower prices have invariably been an attraction among buyers. Folk would probably make a purchase of these less expensive devices unlike any other difficult and more pricey electronic goods which would give potential consumers second thoughts in making purchases. There’s always a serious demand for such devices for folks : To assist them with their enterprises, as a means for recreation a valuable addition to make lives worthwhile . These are some sure fire widgets that any online retailers like you can add to your repertoire and make your online store a massive hit. * Resonance Speake Unlike ordinary speakers that utilize diaphragms or cones to make sound, a resonance speaker uses a piezoelectric speaker to emit sound waves through any smooth surface. Simply connect the resonance speaker to your personal computer or any multi media players, place it on any level surface such as tables, and start listening to your favourite music like you have never did before. Depending on added features such as synchronized LED lights, resonance speakers can bring from twenty-four to 44 US bucks. * Recording / Spy Pen Who’d have thought the spy pen seen only in the movies can now be acquired online for as little as twenty-six to as high as fifty US dollars depending on the increased features? These spy pens can make audio-video recordings through a digital camera as well as capture images and pictures of items or folks even without them suspecting of anything. It can be carried anywhere, placed in a bag, or worn with a pocket. It has also got built in memory devices to store the images and footages for later retrieval and process. Oh and yes… These gadgets can write too. * Telescope Digital Eyepiece Telescope enthusiasts have always found new worlds of wonders seen thru the lenses of their gizmo. With a telescope digital eyepiece attached, enthusiasts can now store these photographs to their computers thru a basic USB connection. These real time photographs are of high resolution that users can simply watch them directly from the monitor rather than squinting thru the lenses. These devices can only get a little over 50 bucks US. * Microscope Digital Eyepiece While telescopes provide monumental perspectives of universes and stars, microscopes explores a different kind of world in a micro cosmic scale. Microscope digital eyepieces give the chance to record images or take footage of the microscopic world magnified thru the lenses. Averaging a tiny bit over 65 US, these devices provide ease and convenience of use that takes the strain off scientists and researchers who can now alternately watch high spec pictures of the magnified items through a P. C. Monitor. * Digital Video memo Device Help protect the environment and save the trees by doing away with the utilisation of paper and sticky notes and utilise a digital video memorandum device instead. Built with a video camera, mic, LCD screen and speakers, you can start recording messages as accurately as possible which you can retrieve and use at later. Such devices can bring as low as 16 US dollars to as high as twenty-five US bucks a little price to pay to do your part in saving the environment. * LED Ice Bucket / Drink Holder / Glass Is your kitchen, bar or cafe looking leaden and uninviting? Spice it up with a stunning variety of lights coming from your LED ice buckets, drink holders and drinking glasses. Colours change to highlight the moods of the place and functional enough to keep your wine, lager or soda cold. For slightly less than twenty US dollars, you can have wonderful looking but functional gadgets with fixed or rotating colours that would certainly bring pleasure to anyone dining or drinking. * Mini Speake One of the great pleasures folk have is to enjoy a chilled day outside, on the beach, driving a vehicle or spending a day with mates, it is far more delightful if you could share your favourite music with your buddies and you can do it with these amazing mini speakers. You can hook these speakers with any audio or multimedia device such as MP3 players, notebooks, netbooks, pills or any other device with a 3.5Mm audio output. * USB Flashdrive Lighters / Drinking Flasks Picture this : You’re having a great time with buddies viewing photographs on someone’s PC and everybody was asked to download their own copies. Surprise them all by whipping out a drinking flask or a lighter with a built in 8MB flashdrive. These lighters are built with real cast metal bodies in whatever finish you would like it to be. Averaging at least thirty six US bucks, these devices look like classic lighters in each way and functions effectively also. * Film Scanne Many people still have great pictures and memories captured in 35mm negatives, slides or film and would want to convert them all to digital photographs. You don’t need to undergo a dear process as you can use this 76 US bucks stand alone film scanner to convert your old photos to digital files. You can store them later on CDs, DVDs, flash drives and other media or you can view them without delay on an LCD wide-screen which you can at once hook up to your device. * Keychain Breathalize Worrying too much if you or your pal is legally allowed to drive excellent after boogying? Keep safe by employing a keychain breathalizer that utilises an advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor that will tell if you had too much to drink. For as little as five US greenbacks, you can have this care safety device to be that angel on your shoulder everywhere you go. * Audio Listening Device Priced anywhere between twenty-six to 48 US bucks, you can have this spy gadget with GSM capacities to let you listen and record sounds and talks which can often be great tools for security and surveillance applications. Some of these devices feature two-way communication allowing you to hook up with the device through your cell phone so you can listen in to these talks. Just be absolutely certain you or your prospective clients know the laws and rules in your country or area regarding the sale and usage of audio listening and recording devices. * Video Glasses Folks who want to watch multimedia files anywhere they go can do it using these revolutionary video glasses that can produce a 40-inch virtual theatre screen. With prices ranging from 48 to 138 US bucks, these glasses change in the video resolutions of the camera, memory and video formats. You can connect these devices with any portable multimedia players and you can watch your favourite videos or movies wherever you go. * LED Watch Uninterested in your dull timepieces? Then change to these exciting LED watches that can show the time in a very colourful and stylish way. Look like you have just jump right out of a high tech sci-fi motion picture with these wonderful bands that shows the time in assorted lights and patterns coming from multiple LED lights. * Hand held Scanne For prices ranging from fifty five to 77 US bucks DIY auto mechanics and car buffs would find these handheld scanners a great tool to have a live engine info stream that can give average car owners an accurate diagnosis of simple to complicated auto engine issues. * Key Finde Always forgetting where you put your keys? For as little as eight to as high as thirty six US bucks, you can have a hitech solution by using a key finder. With a single push of your mouse, the key finder will help you look for your keys inside a twenty-five meter radius and even if your keys are concealed underneath a heavy pile of clothing or left inside a drawer or a cupboard. * Wrist Band Battery With all of these contraptions at your command, you would not want them to run straight out of juice at the most unfit time, would you? Then a wrist band battery could be the perfect device to have at your armoury as this device can provide backup power or a back-up power supply for a host of handheld devices and electronic gadgets. Each month manufacturers are coming out with new widgets and devices that can be utilized for a wide variety of household, business or personal applications. As a retailer of electronic gadgets, it would be best to keep yourself updated with all of these latest products and feature the best ones that would definitely make your web store a big hit. Published at:

Science and Technology’s Newest Gadgets, Robots and Vehicles

Sony’s New Android Tablets Sony is rumored to be introducing two new Android powered tablets in the fall of this year. The new S1 and S2 tablets will run on the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system and will be equipped with Wi-Fi, 3G technology and 4G connectivity. The S1 comes with a 9.4 inch screen designed for the internet surfer. The S2 is a foldable design, which comes with two 5.5 inch, 1024×480 resolution display screens. The top screen can be used as the display while the bottom screen can used to display controls for the top screen. Great feature when used as a gaming device. CTRL + O That Bottle of Soda Computer techies may find the CTRL + O bottle opener a cool gadget to own. On a computer keyboard, the CTRL + O keyboard shortcut opens a Windows document. The CTRL + O bottle opener however is designed to pop off a beverage bottle cap. Engraved on this gadget is CTRL + with the letter O serving as the opening used to attach to the bottle cap. Social Technology Robots Cynthia Breazeal, a MIT researcher and associate professor believes personal robots are in our foreseeable future. Founder and Director of the Personal Robots Group of the MIT Media Lab, Ms. Breazeal has been working on the development of personal robots that can play, work and learn by interacting with humans. Through advances in research and development with the Personal Robots Group, she built the world’s first social robot that can interact with humans. As their developments and testing continued, they created more socially aware robots that could use human body language and voice as a way to interact. Their hopes are that one day; robots will become our “personal sidekick” that will interact with us as our socially aware partners. James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Sold The famous Aston Martin DB5 build in 1964 and used in the James Bond film, Goldfinger starring Sean Connery, recently sold for £2.6 million in London. This one of a kind vehicle is equipped with plenty of fancy gadgetry and hidden weapons. Some of its hidden treasures include rotating license plates, pop-out machine guns, a nail spreader, an oil slick sprayer and even a smoke screen that emits from the rear. Its new owner, Ohio property tycoon Harry Yeaggy said, “I’m going to drive it tonight, I can’t wait. This is the most famous car in the world, not the best, but it is very special.” Social Networking for Scientists Scientists across the world can now share scientific knowledge through their own social network. VIVO, an open source semantic web-based application enables the “discovery of researchers and collaborators” across various institutions throughout the country. Located at, this project is being “expanded through a $12.2 million dollar stimulus grant from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).” Seven institutions are presently involved in this project, including Cornell University, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the Scripps Research Institute. Other institutions can freely join the network by just installing and using the software application. Published at:

Enhancing Your Health and Fitness With Technology and Gadgets

Technology is everywhere in our lives today. We spend more time than ever watching a screen. It may be TV’s, computers or phones. This can make us much more inactive leaving us less fit and prone to the problems that come with being unfit. However, the world of fitness and how you approach it is now being opened up to whole new levels through the use of technology. Sure we’ve had fitness dvd’s and websites directing us in fitness but this can only go so far. How about a device being aware of your current weight, height and age and directing you personally on achieving your fitness goals? How about a device that can motivate you and keep you going? Now it’s possible. Products are popping up everywhere that can do these things. These include fitness tracking watches, sophisticated heart rate monitors, computer console games and even apps for your smart phone. The first of these we want to look at is the range of watches produced by Garmin. These watches are designed specifically for running but can be easily adapted to cycling and other physically activities. The watches produced by Garmin track your time, distance, pace and calories burned giving you an accurate record of how well you performed. The top end of Garmin’s range feature GPS which can map your location and map your run. To top it all off you can download your data onto your computer or the Garmin connect website where you can share data with other users. This adds a social networking element which we all love to do these days. Following from this is the adidas Micoach. Again you can set up the device to your body weight, height and age enabling it to give much more accurate data in your reports. The good thing about Mi coach is that it provides an assessment workout. This is perfect for the beginner who doesn’t know how to start. The voice feature alerts you of vital stats and information during your run. As with the Garmin you can upload your data to a computer and Mi coach page. The next big thing to hit the market is the Nintendo Wii with Wii fit and the Wii sports package. This technology revolutionised the games industry and has started taking a piece of the fitness industry. This console uses unique technology to track your movements with motion and touch sensitive equipment. Wii fit will is a good starting point for beginners to fitness. The package allows the user to focus on muscle condition, balance, flexibility and aerobic capacity. It may not provide the most accurate data but we support anything that gets you up and moving and being at least a little more active in your day to day life. The question is can any of these products make you more fit. The answer is of course. Using these products and responding to data intelligently can mean you get more fit week in week out. You still need to put in the hard work but technology should be embraced. Published at:

Must Have Auto Gadgets For a Technology Aware Trucker

The basics of the transportation business are still the same as they were 50 years ago – few strong men drive their mighty trucks to deliver all kinds of goods around the continents. The men might be the same, but their trucks are not. The engines are still diesels with many horse powers, the hulls are as strong as always, the vehicles have better aerodynamics which save more fuel compared to the predecessor. One big difference to the trucker’s environment is in the interior and the equipment of the truck – it looks more and more like a spaceship filled with high-tech gadgets, buttons and switches. So what should you buy for your beloved truck to be on top of the technological tide? First and most important purchase should be a GPS system of course. It is hard not to understand the benefits – from knowing exactly where you are in the darkest and snowiest night of the year, to tracking your truck incase your truck is lost or stolen from you. Trends seem to be that many truckers can’t live without their GPS unit anymore and if you don’t already own one – it’s a must have device, so go get it. A cell phone. Well, anyone today has a cell phone you say? Sure, there are several things you must ensure your phone has in order to guarantee connectivity with your clients, suppliers and boss. It should be able to use all the standards set in the different countries you drive through, not everyone is international, but sometime it might be your chance to go abroad so a tri (or quad) band GSM is a necessity. Of course, you should add good hands free or Bluetooth device capable of either loudspeaker or headset connection. Look out for a voice activated dial, this will ensure you are concentrating on driving and not on finding contacts on your phone, it also proves to be very quick and efficient method of calling people normally. A laptop. Of course it is a necessity with its versatility. You could potentially use its big screen to view information from the GPS system, watch movies in your break or at the end of a long drive or play games during those rainy nights. You can also use it as a fully featured communication center if you connect it to your cell phones mobile internet connection via Bluetooth or cable alternatively many truck stops now have WiFi networks, to allow you to surf, email and make video calls to home while en route to your destination. No truck driver should leave home without his laptop or portable entertainment system in this day and age. And last but not least. Get a satellite radio. Even in the wildest area, where no cell phone signal is available for you to connect and the local inhabitants have no idea what WiFi is, the satellite radio will be your diamond when in need, with its unique access to specialized services you will be able to listen for any potential issues and problems, helping to keep you keep on trucking as well as some light entertainment for the journey. Published at:

Selling Used Technology to Buy the Latest Gadgets

It is no secret that many of us keep accumulating phones, laptops, mp3 players, consoles and other gadgets at our homes. It is no secret either that most of us wish to always have the latest products of one of the most fascinating industries: consumer electronics. One way of keeping up with the many releases of our favourite devices without making our bank account suffer is to recover part of the money we invested in products we do not use anymore. There are several free classified ads websites that allow you to sell these products and invest the money in the acquisition of new ones. From the comfort of our homes we can check on the real current value of the device, find potential buyers and negotiate prices before accepting the best offer and shipping the product or arranging for a live exchange. It can also happen that we receive a duplicate gift, or the latest version of a product we already own. In this case, the profit doubles. The first thing to consider is that the products in the best conditions are the best and easiest to sell, since you can ask for higher prices among an audience that wants a product “as good as new”. Therefore if we do not plan on keeping a device like a phone or a laptop until the end of its useful life but rather on eventually selling it, then we will obtain great value from protecting it. One of the first questions any buyer will make is if the product has any visible cracks or lines. Even if these do not affect at all the running of the machine, these imperfections have a big, negative impact on the perception the buyer has of the product on sale. Therefore it is important to maintain all devices as safe as possible, and to also keep the original box, all manuals, instructions and configuration CDs. The second issue to take into account is the timing for selling the product. The most important producers have a more or less stable period of time when they launch new products or versions of products. For Apple, new iPhones come out in June and iPads are likely to arrive during spring. Selling the used device before the release of the newest one will allow us to set a higher price since ours is the latest version available on the market. Selling as late as a day after the release makes our product two seasons old. If the product you are willing to sell is to be discontinued you have hit a jackpot. Selling the good right before the end of its cycle will attract those stocking on the item and selling right after the last one has been produced and is available on the market will take advantage of buzz and yield you higher returns. Once you have determined the average price in the market for your device, identify several websites in which you can publish the ad. Include pictures as they tend to attract the attention of the buyer and inspire greater trust. List all the important characteristics of the product and be honest about the real conditions of the computer or phone you are trying to sell. Lying or hiding information will only lead to uncomfortable situations during physical exchange or to post-sales problems if you are shipping the good. There are also several sites that offer a fixed price for your used consumer electronic products, although there no negotiation is possible and some products may not even be accepted. offers you a price considering how old the device is, eventual running problems and physical state, and offers a recycling service if they consider the product cannot be sold at all. Ask for a fair price and take several offers into consideration. Select the most profitable one you feel you can trust and stay away from people who will not meet with you in public places or will not offer cash when located in a nearby area. If you are accepting online payments, use a safe platform such as Pay Pal and do not reveal any bank information by email or other digital means. Once the deal is closed, use the money to invest in the next big thing… at least until another one comes by! Published at: